Nike’s GO FlyEase is a slip-on/sneaker intended for hands-free use. Its arrival is definitely timely amid the pandemic when people have become more health-conscious.

This is the company’s first attempt to make hands-free footwear that relies solely on foot movement. Your heels and toes dictate when to wear and take the shoe off. This is done through a bi-stable hinge system that allows the shoe to be secure when fully open and close. The hinge mechanism, neatly positioned right at the break between the midsole and heel, enables the shoe to fully flex for easy wear and easy off.

Simply put, it bends when you want to take the shoes off. This allows the heel end of the sole to shoot out from the back. It stays in this sole-protruded position until it’s time to re-shoe, at which point, the positioning reverses. The sole is at the ready to slip your foot into without having to hold onto the shoe’s upper.

Moreover, the hinge enables another signature detail: the Nike GO FlyEase tensioner. The tensioner completely reimagines one of the most quintessential movements when wearing shoes: the kicking-off motion. Nike uses this as the basis for this sneaker’s empowering design. It supercharges the kick-off movement for completely hands-free use.

Champion fencer Bebe Vio described this upcoming footgear as a “new kind of technology” not only for athletes but for everyone. It lets any user spend less time wearing shoes as one can easily put their feet in and jump on them.

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Images courtesy of Nike