Streetwear isn’t the only fashion taking a step back in time but also motorcycle helmets just like the NEXX X.G10 Saloon. This three-quarter headgear not only looks cool and trendy but also ensures protection.

Featuring the brand’s X-Matrix 2 construction (comprised of 3D organic fibers, special weaving), this helmet ensures multi-layer protection and comfort. Six different layers ensure optimum impact and penetration protection while keeping the shell light and breathable. The ultralight shell is tougher, stronger, and stiffer that results in impressive high-energy impact management.

Aside from its tough carbon fiber shell, the NEXX X.G10 Saloon boasts a cool interior thanks to the X-Mart Dry technology. This tech gives you an interior that is soft to the skin, breathable, and extremely water absorbent. It dries up twice faster than cotton while also giving you extra warmth during cold days. The interior pieces are easy to wash and keep clean because they are removable. They are also guaranteed anti-allergic and anti-sweat.

This head protection also comes with a D-ring closure retention strap for a simple and easy snap-on and snap-off procedure. This ensures no ride time is wasted on suiting up and that the helmet stays snug on your head no matter the speed or bumpy road you travel on. It also uses a PC Lexan flat-shield for added protection from sun damage.

Best of all, the NEXX X.G10 Saloon comes in different colors and three shell sizes (XS-L, XL, and XXL-XXXL) for a comfortable and perfect fit. You can even make it unique to your own taste through customization.

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NEXX X.G10 Saloon NEXX X.G10 Saloon

Images courtesy of NEXX