Before capsule/pod coffee machines became ubiquitous fixtures in every modern home, we had to prepare everything by hand. Depending on how you take your java, these kitchen gadgets will craft a perfect cup of joe for you each time. There are limitations, however, which Nespresso addresses with the Vertuo Next and its Aeroccino3 add-on.

This new model is noticeable bigger than its predecessors, but it still sports a stylish design. You can barely see any sharp edges as Nespresso goes for curves all around. To give you an idea of how much space it will take up, the Vertuo Next measures 5.5 x 16.8 x 12.4 inches (WxDxH).

The Vertuo Next weighs 8.8 lbs with its 37-ounce removable water tank empty. Nespresso claims the housing uses 54% recycled plastic, which is a welcome bonus. You can brew in five serving sizes: Espresso, Doppio Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug, and Alto.

Choose from over 25 blends or just stick with what your taste buds love the most. Meanwhile, the Aeroccino3 is a must-have when the recipe calls for creamy milk foam. Just bust it out when you need it for iced coffee or cappuccino.

Just like how you have a generous selection of coffee pods available, Nespresso does the same for the colors. In total, there are 9 shades, which should be enough to match your home’s decorative theme

Owners can even remotely operate the Vertuo Next via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Nevertheless, since you will be loading the pods, pressing the button should be no problem at all. Overall, Nespresso really knows how to cater to coffee drinkers around the world.

Buy – $239

Images courtesy of Nespresso