The recent devastating fires that consumed a huge portion of the Amazon rainforest is a big blow to our environment. Thus, nature needs all the help it can get to recover from this unfortunate event. On the other, we’re likewise seeing awesome changes from major companies who want to make a difference. Adidas is coming with new manufacturing methods that are sustainable. Moreover, it’s working with Parley for the Oceans to release fully-recyclable footwear and more. Now, it’s a pleasant surprise to hear that Nespresso is doing its fair share to help reduce pollution with the RE:CYCLE bike.

For those of you who prefer to grab their daily cup of joe using Nespresso pods, the goods news is that your habit is sustainable. With the help of Vélosophy, the company is crafting the RE:CYCLE bike using the spent coffee capsules. Yes, that’s right, those containers that most people just dispose of regularly is a combination of plastics and aluminum. As such, this cool bicycle reuses the metal from all that waste to fashion a robust classic bike frame.

This collaboration is an impressive showcase of how we can come up with ways to reuse materials. Aside from the 6061 aluminum frame, the RE:CYCLE sports other recyclable components. The grips and seat use Cambium from Brooks England. Meanwhile, for those who are wondering, Cambium is a new-generation eco-friendly material sourced from plants. Other notable additions are Shimano bike systems, a wooden basket, and an eye-catching Nespresso Arpeggio blend purple colorway. Better hurry if you want one of these special edition bicycles, because Vélosophy is only making 1,000 units.

Buy it now for $1,430

Images courtesy of Vélosophy