When it comes to illumination, flashlights are the quintessential outdoor gear. But the Neozoon revamps the typical light source with its trendy yet practical suction cup.

Flashlights can only do so much when it comes to hands-free usage. You can either attach it to a carabiner or clip it to a headgear. This German-manufactured tech, on the other hand, has a large suction cup that works wonders on any surface. Be it metal, plastic, wood, glass, and more. It sticks like a powerful adhesive but easily detaches without leaving any residue.

The Neozoon uses medical-grade silicon that is non-yellowing and very durable because of its platinum catalyst. It also uses 3D printed polyamide so it can withstand drops and rough exposures. Think premium suitcases and their tough construction. It is then treated with Multi-Jet Fusion for a premium finish. Meanwhile, aerospace-grade aluminum makes up the bulb holder. It is CNC milled, anodized, and bead-blasted for a smooth finish.

When it comes to illumination, this unique torch provides at least six hours of light at the highest dimming level. Then 12 hours max when dimmed down just a little. It runs on a rechargeable 2400mAh Li-Po battery via a fast-charging USB-C cable. It only takes three hours for a full charge and you can even use it while charging.

The Neezoon features a high light output of about 180 lumens with a golden warm color. A long press on the on/off button in the middle allows you to choose the dimness levels. It is perfect for places where conventional lighting is not possible.

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Images courtesy of Neozoon