While almost all types of transportation platforms have been shifting to all-electric systems, there are those that are currently not feasible. What makes it difficult are the size and weight, which current technology has yet to overcome. Given every company that supplies the global market relies on container vessels, NEOLINE proposes a more sustainable project – the NEOLINER.

Although many major brands are already overhauling their production processes to be more eco-friendly, logistics remains the same. Cargo ships are essential to the economy as they transport goods around the world. Sadly, these still rely on huge engines that burn fossil fuel to get around.

Therefore, instead of solar, electric, or even hybrid propulsion systems, NEOLINE intends to use sails. Just like in the old days, the NEOLINER captain and crew will tap into nature’s near limitless supply of wind to propel their ships forward.

When the NEOLINER does make it into production, NEOLINE can cater to businesses that seek environmentally friendly options. So far, brands such as Hennessey, Clarins, Renault, and Longchamp have expressed their interest.

The French startup will build a state-of-the-art roll-on/roll-off ship that measures 446 feet long. On wind power alone, the NEOLINER and its towering sails will travel at speed of approximately 11 knots. Meanwhile cargo capacity should be around 5,000 tons.

This is truly an exciting time as commercial transportation groups are interested in renewable means of propulsion. There are still details that the NEOLINER has yet to share. We’re curious to know about what NEOLINE plans to use as a contingency system in case the wind is not in their favor.

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Images courtesy of NEOLINE