A while back we featured eco-friendly personal watercraft called the Narke Electrojet. After years of refinement, the manufacturer is ready with a more premium model packed to the brim with upgrades. They’re calling it the Electrojet GT95 and the name admittedly sounds like range-topping trim for supercars. It rightfully earns it thanks to its top-notch design and performance. Superyacht owners with space to spare on their vessels might want to consider a couple of these.

According to the Narke, the Electrojet GT95 easily exceeds industry standards in contrast to other platforms. “Designed with luxury features, it is a high-spec water toy powered by 100% electricity. With its revolutionary and unique design it belongs to a new generation. A generation, that cares about the planet in style,” states the company.

As we grow more conscious of the environmental impact of fossil fuel, all-electric configurations are the way to go. We believe the Narke Electrojet GT95 would make a great tender for hybrid ships such as the Ultra2. In fact, it would be a perfect pair for the Sunbeam ConceptONE catamaran that was recently on our pages. We’re glad Narke is keeping the sharp and angular design to give a futuristic aesthetic.

The hull of the Electrojet GT95 is carbon fiber with front and rear anchor points. You can find a large swim platform on its rear just in case you want to dive in for a swim. Propulsion comes from a 24 kWh battery that powers its 95-horsepower electric motor. A full charge should last around 2 hours depending on the driving modes: Eco, Cruise, and Sport. Like its predecessor, a 7-inch customizable display provides all the essential data so you can enjoy a smooth and fun emission-free ride.

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Images courtesy of Narke