This pandemic certainly has us researching ways to preoccupy our time while on lockdown. Gardening, for one, has attracted attention. Beginners can definitely find comfort in knowing they can turn a seed into a plant easily with the help of the Nano Garden.

This planter easily turns you into a pro just by following simple steps. It is an all-in-one plant pod that contains GMO and pesticide-free seeds, a growth medium, and nutrients good for 3-6 months of growth. You have plenty of plants to choose from flowers, herbs, salads, and even mini fruits and vegetables including sunflower, bok choy, peppers, coriander, and more.

The Nano Garden comprises is a compostable pod made with cornstarch-based material, filled with a substrate for your seeds to sprout. The pod you then insert into its water-filled pot and let float. Conveniently, you only replace the water every two to four weeks. No garden hose needed! This method uses hydroponics to encourage root and plant growth. It combines the patented Flo2at system, to optimize root oxygenation and growth speed.

Meanwhile, the use of the height-adjustable and rechargeable Nano grow lamp ensures the plant gets its solar exposure. It uses full-spectrum light that reproduces the natural cycle of the sun.

The Nano Garden even lets you monitor your plant growth with its accompanying smartphone app. Through it, you can adjust light brightness and duration as needed for your plants. It literally turns any space into a garden with its compact design. If you lack real estate, why not convert your workspace into an herb garden.

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Images courtesy of Pret a Pousser