It should be obvious right now that Men’s Gear loves to feature awesome tickers. Be it for luxury, casual, and anything in between, chances are it’s going to be on our pages. Now, we are happy to shine the spotlight yet again on MTM and its new model. If you’re a big fan of big chunky watches with a dash of military-grade trimmings, then this one should be up your alley. The brand’s catalog of tactical watches are something to behold and the US-744X fits just right in.

MTM actually offers a fair amount of customizability with its watches. As for the US-744X, buyers can choose the color for the case, dial, and bracelet. Our personal pick would be the all-black combo for the ultimate stealthy silhouette. Anyway, according to the watchmaker, this model draws inspiration from the United States Navy Virginia-class attack sub. Thus, it’s only fitting that we prefer it in a dark ensemble.

The 44-mm solid titanium case comes with carbon fiber elements and a helium pressure release valve. Up next is the uni-directional ratcheting bezel which sports a Tritium 12 o’clock indicator. The brass dial sits under a 5.5-mm sapphire crystal glass with all hands and indices equipped with Tritium tubes for reliable low-light visibility. MTM notes that it will continue to glow for up to 25 years even without an external light source

Being a dive watch, the US-744X boasts a water resistance rating of up to 3,300 feet. Meanwhile, the sapphire crystal exhibition case back flaunts the MTM dagger logo. Only 500 examples will see production and includes three bands: the titanium bracelet, a ballistic Velcro, and silicone rubber.

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Images courtesy of MTM Watches