For a while now, Men’s Gear has been featuring some of the most luxurious timepieces that made the headlines. Hence, we’re taking a detour, for now, to show you something a little rough and macho that might miss out on. For those who love to see items that sport a military vibe, then the MTM Special Ops Sherman 3-GER is just for you. The way it looks already implies that this wristwatch will be one tough customer. Hence, let’s dive deeper and learn about what makes it so special.

Starting off with the design, it’s obvious that by the brand name alone most of its models draw inspiration from the military. However, you should also know that despite the rugged aesthetics, these are luxury-grade timekeepers. One of the features that make watches like the Sherman 3-GER remarkable is the one-of-a-kind bracelet assembly. Conventional metal straps normally use a pin to hold each link in place. Meanwhile, MTM Special Ops showcases a unique ball bearing system that matches the rugged nature of its products.

Another subtle but exceptional feature of the MTM Special Ops Sherman 3-GER is the bezel. The company calls it Raised Double Action and sees a 1.0 mm height adjustment to protect the crystal from accidental impacts. The COSC certifies that this watch meets the standards of precision, which is a testament to its precision of quality. The transparent case back allows you to view the inner workings of this fantastic timepiece. There are four colorways available: Black, Gold, Gray, and Silver. Only 340 examples will be available so it’s best that you grab one now.

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Images courtesy of MTM Special Ops