When you’re one of the privileged few who can afford to buy a McLaren supercar, money should not be a problem. In fact, there is a likelihood that you’re already wondering what to buy next to go with your fancy ride. As always, Men’s Gear is ready to help you spend your cash on most awesome stuff out there. Thus, we recommend that you upgrade your travel gear to match your snazzy new ride. If by chance you are the new owner of a McLaren GT, the MSO luggage collection is the perfect match for your grand tourer.

This is a common dilemma for those who have supercars. Since these exotic machines are designed to maximize speed, performance, comfort, and luxury, cargo space is somewhat limited. Of course, people who have the money to buy a McLaren will just scoff at this minor inconvenience.

However, being able to bring some stuff along for the ride is more practical. This bespoke collection features four pieces of luggage. A ($2,500) weekend bag, a ($6,800) golf bag, a ($3,800) cabin bag, and a($2,300) garment case. Overall, you’re looking at a jaw-dropping total of $15,400 for a complete set.

Other than the exceptional craftsmanship and quality of materials, McLaren claims that these will maximize space. Each of the pieces in the MSO luggage collection will exactly fit into certain spaces within the McLaren GT. Discerning owners can even grab these to match the interior of their supercar. If the price is not ridiculous enough for you, there’s always the titanium suitcases from Loius Vuitton to flaunt your deep pockets.

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Images courtesy of McLaren