Over the years, the process of how people tell the time has evolved from analog devices to digital. As much as we’ve directed innovation to go digital, we continue to admire and craft mechanical timekeepers for their beauty and complexity. We’re at a point of extreme convenience, where it’s as simple as glancing on your mobile device to figure out the how many hours, minutes, and seconds have passed. However, the resurgence of retro design creates a demand for vintage products. Montblanc goes the extra mile and brings back a relic from the past with the Montblanc TimeWalker Rally Timer Chronograph Counter.

To commemorate the opening of its seventh classy boutique in the land down under, Montblanc decided to craft an elegant pocket watch. The item is reportedly limited to only 100 pieces to be sold worldwide. The inspiration for its design comes from the early days of road racing, particularly around the 1930s. It’s apparently a classy homage to the Minerva Rally Timer Stopwatch.

Montblanc details that the TimeWalker Chronograph Rally Timer Counter is virtually modular in nature. You can switch its configuration to function as a dashboard clock, a pocket watch, and even as a wristwatch. The 50mm case is grade-two titanium with a smooth satin texture. The timepiece flaunts a manual movement with a 50-hour power reserve. It’s likewise ready to brave the elements with a 30-meter water resistance.

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Photos courtesy of Montblanc