German luxury label Montblanc seems to be busy working on more than just its traditional catalog. We are seeing the company investing resources in crafting high-end tech products. So far, its foray into smart wearables appears to be a welcome addition its more discerning clientele. Thus, we are eager to see more of what it has to offer. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait long as it debuts the MB 01 headphones.

It might be the first for the manufacture to dabble with audio products but can honestly say that the results are impressive. The design and materials that go into each pair of appears to be well-thought-out. Moreover, even a quick glimpse shows that these are definitely quite fancy than your average alternatives. Montblanc markets the MB 01 as smart travel over-ear headphones.

As such, each pair touts advanced active noise cancelling (ANC) technology. This feature is perfect for frequent flyers who wish to filter out unwanted sound. For convenience, there is an option to manually turn the function on or off if the user wants to. To keep up with the competition offers, it is compatible with Google Assistant. Additionally, it can pair with smartphones and smartwatches using Bluetooth 5.0.

While other brands are using touch controls, we appreciate that Montblanc is using physical buttons for the MB 01. Another cool feature aside from the ANC is the proximity sensors. These automatically play or pause audio when the headphones are worn or removed. Ultimately, the craftsmanship is outstanding with the use of aluminum, leather, and silicone.

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Images courtesy of Montblanc