You can be working at the office or at home, but we can all agree that desk space is limited. Not everybody has the room to accommodate a large table or a special rig for devices other than a keyboard or mouse. Content creators who use accessories to improve productivity should check out the Monogram Creative Console

What the device brings to the table (literally) is a modular system that adapts to your existing setup. It uses a collection of components that quickly snaps together using strong magnets. We’re big fans of gadgets that allow users to mix and match what they need.

Moreover, pogo pins and magnetic attachments make everything convenient. The Monogram is not your average tool. The craftsmanship that goes into each of its parts is visibly top-notch. No flimsy plastic here as Monogram uses only the finest materials on the Creative Console.

Each module looks premium thanks to the CNC-machined brushed aluminum body. All units attach with a satisfying snap and stay that way with the help of neodymium magnets. Gold-plated connectors ensure everything works seamlessly.

This oddly reminds us of Google’s doomed Project Ara, which was a cool concept at the time. Monogram gives us the same vibe as the Creative Console, but you can buy it. It begins with the Core module which connects to your PC or Mac. It features a 1.54-inch IPS display and two tactile mechanical keys.

The rest of the Monogram Creative Console modules include the Orbiter, Dial, Slider, and Essential Keys. Also, all have RGB backlighting to let you work in the dark. What’s cool are the multiple connection points so you can arrange everything according to your preference.

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Images courtesy of Monogram