In this modern world, sustainability has become a prerequisite when it comes to the manufacturing of dry or wet goods. The use of electricity in powering vehicles is slowly getting traction thanks to Elon Musk. Now more are following in his footsteps just like the Monarch Electric Tractor.

Farming is made easy, smart, productive, and sustainable with this all-electric tractor. It combines powerful tools to put power back in farmers’ hands. It runs on a 70-hp electric powertrain that gives over ten hours of operation without zero tailpipe emissions. The battery recharges at 220V for four to five hours.

The Monarch Electric Tractor has it all figured out when it comes to an efficient farming system. It has safety features, sensors, and cameras for automated operations, and provides helpful data analysis. It has space for a driver but also provides the option to go without. This means it can operate on its own.

This is where the sensors, the autonomous navigation software, and the 360-degree camera views help. They provide full situational awareness of the surrounding area. This smart tractor is also operable from the ground or with a driver using pre-programmed tasks.

Moreover, the Monarch Electric Tractor has a built-in roll and collision prevention system to avoid accidents on the field. This helps keep the operation running smoothly and prevent any unwanted accidents from happening among employees. This tractor likewise boasts a 2200 pound lift capacity with a three-point hitch out back. Its compact size makes it easy to navigate vineyards or closely-spaced crops.

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Image courtesy of Monarch