This is the Infinity Valtra, a concept for a tractor done up by Colombian designer Santiago Mendoza. It’s so powerful and impressive we wish it was real. Meant to resemble one of nature’s most diligent workers, the ant, the Infinity Valtra prides on adaptability in order to accomplish its tasks.

Essentially, if you want to, say, plow land or haul cargo, you’d need separate vehicles to do those tasks individually. However, you can do all of that with the Infinity Valtra, thanks to its modular design. In other words, you can “attach” different functionalities to the tractor to extend its capabilities beyond a single service.

Unsurprisingly, the vehicle is equipped with an autonomous driving system, which reduces the amount of required human labor, with the Infinity Valtra being able to carry out tasks on its own, including changing out parts to seamlessly transition between different modes of function. As for the machine itself, it features inbuilt lights, an engine, a flexible shaft, and unique suspensions on each “arm.”

The Infinity Valtra comes as one of the latest experiments in bringing autonomous technology to industries. Especially areas where it’s typically absent, like agriculture. Basing the design on ants is just the cherry on top of an already impressive project.

The vehicle is essentially a pipe dream for now, of course. But Mendoza’s concept alerts us to a promising future where self-driving machines roam around farmlands, huge swathes of snow, and other unforgiving areas to do a variety of tasks.


Photos courtesy of Santiago Mendoza