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If you’re like us and enjoy a nice minimal timepiece with stylish design, the MONA Watches ($360,00+) can be quite luring. Firm believers that quality comes from the knowledge and crafts that built our past, the skilled people behind MONA use the old technique of assembling the watches by hand, in their workshop in Bordeaux- France. The style is clean and minimalistic, straight to the point, thanks to stripped-down solid lines, satisfying the mental image of a wrist watch.

Using noble materials from Europe, all MONA watches feature a steel case, hand painted hour hands and quick release straps, made from selected leathers with high breathability, that give the watch a raw organic look. The movement they use is inspired by Swiss savoir-faire, including a quartz stone and 7 rubies. Each timepiece comes engraved with the date when the watch case was made, so it becomes a part of your personal history.

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