This is an all-in-one bottle fit for any adventure, whether on land, sea, and air. The MODL (pronounced maa·dl), gives hydration a new meaning with its adaptable, multipurpose system.

This versatile water pack lets you drink hands-free and works great as an outdoor shower and as a sports bottle. It also comes with its own filtration tube so you travel light and make use of the water around you. So you can focus on what’s ahead, use the hydration pack attachment so you can drink hands-free.

Meanwhile, the MODL has a Pure MOD tube interior attachment that filters dirty water by removing 99.99 percent of bacteria, E.coli, Vibrio cholerae, Giardia, and salmonella. It can filter a total of 790 gallons of fluid. This way you know that you can always count on the rivers or lakes for safe and clean drinking water.

As for the Go MOD attachment, it mimics the spout of most sports bottles so you can hydrate easily while on the move. It is ideal for hiking and running. The MODL utility bottle even comes with a cover attachment that easily converts it into an outdoor shower or faucet in case you need a quick rinse.

Given this bottle is geared toward an active lifestyle, it is given that it should pack light and small. Its robust silicone body is collapsible and has GripStrips that provide ergonomic points for easy hold and prevents the bottle from rolling. The use of silicone makes it easy to squeeze the bottle during drinking and especially when in shower mode. Meanwhile, LifeLoops work as carrying handles and tether to your pack sans the need for a carabiner. The MODL utility bottle features dual-ends for easy cleaning and provides a liter of water storage.

Images courtesy of MODL