The electric scooter occupies a uniquely specific niche. They’re very expensive for what they offer, and they’re not as robust and multi-functional in terms of getting where you need to go. At best, perhaps, they’re glorified playthings that’ll gather dust in your garage once the novelty off.

With that said, it’s hard to deny the charming, irresistibly sleek Model One Electric Scooter from Unagi. It’s a compact and efficient scooter that folds, which are really the only three things you’re ever going to need from this category.

Unagi clearly put a lot thought into its design. It shows in the rubber wheels, for instance, which require no inflation or maintenance. It just works, put simply. The 250W engine and smart battery seem frivolous add-ons to to make jacking up the price seemingly reasonable. Even still, they’re excellent flourishes to an already decked-out scooter. It’s got a range of 15 miles on a single charge. There’s an instant max power options that gives you bursts of 500W if need be.

As for the “compact part,” the Model One Electric Scooter, as we’ve mentioned earlier, folds. The whole thing minimizes to just about 15 x 16.5 inches, with a total carry weight of a little more than 22 pounds. The brakes here are electronic, which is a nice touch. You also get 1.8W LED headlights for safety. The above-pictured comes in this bespoke Gotham flavor. 67.2W charger included. The vehicle can accommodate riders up to 198 pounds.


Photos courtesy of Unagi and Bespoke Post