In a discussion with audio enthusiasts regarding some of the best products that offer active noise cancelling (ANC), you’ll probably hear Sony, Bose, and other high-profile brands being thrown around. It’s understandable given that these companies have been in the business for a while now. Nevertheless, we want to open our options to other companies that others have been sleeping on. Earlier we chanced upon Mixcder and its E7 headphones, which is an upgraded version of the original. The audio and design were excellent, but the E10 is the more luxurious alternative.

So far, when shopping for a pair of headphones, comfort and reliability are the biggest factors. Nobody wants to spend their money on low-cost alternatives and have it break in just a few uses. This is where Mixcder shines as it promises top-notch construction and impressive clarity. The E10 is the fancier sibling to the E7 and it ticks all the right boxes that define a high-quality ANC-ready pair of cans.

Aesthetics & Materials

In our review of the E7 from Mixcder, the overall look was that of a high-end model. The metal frame of the headband was flexible with noticeable creaks and the leatherette surfaces were noticeably first-class. Our only gripe was the heavy use of plastic for most of the components. In contrast, the E10 is definitely one step above when it comes to build quality and materials.

This time, the manufacture replaces the plastic parts with metal which extends from the headband down to the driver housing. The matte finish adds a sleek look to the overall presentation. We love how the concentric circular engravings on the black metal shell refract light in stunning fashion in certain angles. It imparts an eye-catching attraction to whoever is looking your way.

Comfort & Convenience

To ensure a perfect fit, the soft protein leather and memory foam of the earcups combine with the swivel for pure ergonomic bliss. Even long hours of audio playback is not likely to cause discomfort. The E10 also uses a folding mechanism for easier transport and storage. Plus, the included carrying case features a sturdy shell to protect the headphones from most types of impact.

What It Brings To The Table

Mixcder proudly promotes active noise cancelling as its bread and butter. Therefore, the E10 is equipped with its proprietary ANC V4 chipset that filters out low-frequency ambient sound up to 96%. High-fidelity acoustics comes from the dual 40-mm neodymium iron boron drivers. Even when you go wireless, Qualcomm’s aptX and aptX Low Latency codecs ensure optimal audio transmission and reproduction via Bluetooth 5.0.

Wireless freedom comes with its perks and cons. Perhaps the downside most consumers worry about is battery life. The brand understands this challenge and packs a 500 mAh battery that can support up to 30 hours of playback. Moreover, the Mixcder Super Charging (MSC) technology on the E10 can make waiting for a thing of the past. Even a quick 8-minute charge delivers up to 3 hours use. Finally, with the 3.5-mm cable, you can boost that up to 60 hours of ANC-enabled listening pleasure.

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Images courtesy of Mixcder