Over the course of the devastating pandemic, people found they have more time to spend now that commuting to work was out of the equation. Thus, many discovered interests and hobbies they never knew would be fun. Gardening surged in popularity, while others took up some practical activities. If you love beer, why not try to make a homemade batch with the MiniBrew Craft?

With access to our usual haunts limited as of the moment, it’s a good idea to have a steady supply of your favorite drink. Just recently, we featured several gadgets to take all the hard stuff out of the equation. Those who love hard seltzers have the GrowlerWerks uKeg TWIST and another was The Pinter from The Greater Good. So far, we believe the MiniBrew Craft is the most interesting.

Brewing your ale the traditional way is cool, but it can be a little sophisticated for most folks. To maximize our free time for other activities, we can always lean on technology to make it all better. The manufacturer describes the MiniBrew Craft as an “all-in-one Smart Beer Machine.”

Now, you can finally put master brewer under your list of noteworthy skills. Not to worry, because we’re not telling anyone it was the MiniBrew Craft behind the delicious beer you’re serving all along. The standard package includes the base station, one Smart Keg 2.0, stand, tap, a Starter Pack (hop bags, starsan, blow-off), and accessories.

Keep in mind that you need to purchase the Brew Packs separately. Likewise, people who know their way around craft beer can also follow their own secret recipes. The MiniBrew Craft boasts self-cleaning features with some dishwasher-safe components. Just follow the initial steps and let the machine take care of the rest. Once fermentation is complete (length depends on your recipe) enjoy your beer!

Buy – $1,186

Images courtesy of MiniBrew BV