Sustainability is a trend that has been making the rounds a lot as of late. As eco-minded groups call for the adoption of more environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, some companies have gladly complied. Most of the one’s we’ve featured dealt in footwear, watches, oral hygiene, toys, and more. Now, Mijenta promotes the same via its artisanal tequila.

Founded by Mike Dolan who some of you may know as the former CEO of Bacardi, the brand wants to make a difference. In fact, it is doing so in many ways. Before we dive deeper as to how Mijenta lives up to its pledge, let’s talk about the most important subject here – the tequila.

This premium reposado is carefully curated by a team of experts. They likely under the supervision of mixologist and company co-founder Juan Coronado. Overseeing the entire process is none other than Ana Maria Romero, the only woman who earned the title of Maestra Tequilera.

After a careful selection of the agave plants, the tequila then ages for up to six months. It sits inside a selection of French acacia, French oak, and American white oak casks. What goes into the striking bottles is tequila in a light shade of gold.

Mijenta lists the notes of honey, orange blossom flowers, preserved fruits, and vanilla on the nose. Take a sip and experience a melody of flavors such as vanilla, honey, cooked agave, and cacao nibs.

The distillery ensures that the land where they grow the agave is protected from pollution. They source all paper components from agave waste. Meanwhile, Mijenta also produces its eco-certified packaging locally. Now, this is a tequila shot nature lovers will want to have at home or at the bar.

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Images courtesy of Mijenta