You don’t see overland-ready Mercedes Benz X-Class cars everyday. Here’s one, from Carlex Design. The Mercedez Benz X-Class Exy Extreme+ truck comes with a roster of upgrades that meet the demands of overland junkies.

One problem common among overland rides? They’re, well, ugly. They’re tough and all, sure, but would a wee aesthetic spruce-up hurt at all? Carlex Design knows this. Yes, the car excels in terms of overland performance. That’s a given. But who said it shouldn’t look chic and beautiful?

Thus, the Mercedes Benz X-Class Exy Extreme+ combines classy, understated design with bold functionality to enhance the base car’s capabilities. You get a four-inch body lift and Pedders suspension. This allows the fitment of 16-inch wheels that comes wrapped in Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires.

You also get skid plates and a rear winch, which protect the critical driveline components. As for the interior, you’ll find bespoke seats trimmed in Alcantara and leather. With a stitch pattern that matches the tire tread. A small addition, but a nice add-on that should please those with an eye for details like this.

With the Exy Extreme+, you also get a satin green paint along with high-intensity LED lighting peppered throughout the ride. Plus, you get bed rails and wheel arches to cover the new rubber, and these also round out the whole look. The result is a Mercedes Benz X-Class on steroids that’ll keep you going as you venture off the beaten path. Make sure to hit the link below to learn more information.


Photos courtesy of Carlex Design