Custom shop Carlex Design has gotten its hands dirty again. This time around the victim is the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, an already beastly off-road-ready 4×4 that’s now beefed up to a 6×6 pickup monster.

The Poland-based shop just released sketches of its latest handiwork — the X-Class-based EXY 6×6. Bear in mind that it’s merely a concept for now. However, it wouldn’t surprise us if the team behind this actually built a few units at some point.

Carlex Design is super mum on the crucial details, though, so there’s very little about the ride to go by. What we do know, however, is that its been upgraded with a raised ride height, off-road tyres, protective cladding, and winch. Carlex also didn’t pull any punches design-wise. As such, you’ll find a number of inspired touches such as the stencil-style roll bar and black x-shaped tailgate. We’re also looking at what appears to be beefed-up all-terrain tires and massive new fender flares.

Suppose they do make this thing into a reality, it’s going to be quite the challenge. Because the team stretched it out and added another axle and two wheels, that means they’ll have to include a new differential, driveshaft, and transfer case for good measure. Powertrain information remains nebulous, but we imagine that the team threw in a V6-powered X350d as a baseline. At the very least.

As for the interior, Carlex Design unfortunately didn’t share any renderings of what’s happening inside. In that regard, this is really more of an exercise in imagination on Carlex Design’s end, but we’ll sure to update you if they ever decide to really go ahead and produce the model.


Photos courtesy of Carlex Design