Sometimes, is fun to imagine what a combination of two popular car models would look like. If your thought process is somewhat like Samir Sadikhov, then this Mercedes-Benz G-Van proposal should look like the real thing. The German automaker might never make something like it, but a man can dream, right?

As the name suggests, this idea sees the Sprinter reimagined with the boxy outline of the beloved G-Class platform. With the help of some image editing wizardry, we have a profile that closely resembles Mercedes-Benz’s heavy-duty Unimog, albeit with some modifications.

The Germany-based industrial designer boasts a stellar portfolio of sleek concept cars. Moreover, his experience working with Lamborghini, Ford, and Rezvani is clearly a huge help here. The G-Van concept appears to be fully equipped for any adventure. Roof racks let you take your favorite toys along for the trip.

This vehicle boasts the best of both worlds. There’s a generous interior to accommodate you and the whole gang. Plus, the off-road-ready configuration implies it’s perfect for overlanding enthusiasts as well. If this ever heads into production, we just wish somebody turns it into an RV.

Low-light visibility won’t be an issue thanks to the roof-mounted array of LEDs. To navigate over obstacles, there’s a bespoke suspension system to lift the chassis up. Meanwhile, the huge wheel wells make way for the beefy BFGoodrich all-terrain tires. Owners can likewise add aftermarket upgrades as needed.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Van might not be an actual production model, but we believe it deserves a reliable and powerful engine. Sadikhov did not mention anything related to the powertrain. Anyway, what really makes it appealing is the silhouette of a rough-and-tumble and go-anywhere machine.

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Images courtesy of Samir Sadikhov