We guess most of you would say the Defender deserves the title most iconic SUV in the world. Well, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, which is why others would claim the G-Class also deserves that recognition. In our opinion, both are legendary platforms and deserve the distinction. Mercedes-Benz intends to show us why with the release of its W464.

You can say that the Stuttgart, Germany-based marque builds some of the most refined rides out there. Owners find it difficult to switch to another given the remarkable toughness of its vehicles. The G-Class W464 demonstrates how it brings more than just a fancy overlanding model. Moreover, it’s a reminder of the line’s more rugged roots.

Buyers receive the machine in its most basic trim and it’s exactly how some want it. Options are always welcome, which is why you have two configurations to choose from. The BA06 starts you off with a five-door setup that can seat up to four. Meanwhile, the BA09 goes for a two-door cab style to free up the rear for even more cargo.

The barebones approach here allows for versatile aftermarket customization. This off-road-ready beast is ready to tackle almost any challenge that comes its way. Thus, it is ideal for the most grueling operations such as rescue and emergency response.

Hallmarks of the renowned G-Class range are all intact. Although Mercedes-Benz tones down on the luxury, it will exceed expectations in performance and durability. The military-grade W464 is equipped with an Emergency Override Switch (EOS), 24V onboard power supply, and outstanding payload capacity.

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Images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz