This pandemic is forcing everyone into their homes learning new things such as cooking and gardening. If you’re one of the few who really enjoy cooking then you may want to get your hands on the Meater Block.

This is no ordinary chopping board although at first glance it may look like one. Its name also suggests a board solely dedicated to cutting, slicing, and chopping protein. On the contrary, it holds four meat probes that aid you in cooking delectable and perfectly grilled steaks. The probes are stainless steel and heat-resistant ceramic. Each has dual temperature sensors that simultaneously monitor internal meat temperature at a max of 212 °F and ambient /external temperature up to 527°F.

The Meater Block also comes with a guided cook system that walks you through the cooking process. You can set your protein and get started on the cooking sans the guesswork. The system also alerts you if your food is ready and notifies you of the meat temperature and/or time. Meanwhile, an advanced estimator algorithm estimates the cooking duration and rest your food so you can make better meal plans.

The Meater Block is also equipped with WiFi so you can connect your device to an online app. The app tracks your activities and monitors cooking in real-time. It also works with Amazon Alexa for hands-free operation. You can also make use of the OLED display and speakers featured on the device if you prefer not to connect to the app.

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Images courtesy of Meater