The Koda 2 Max is Ooni’s largest pizza oven yet boasting a supersized 24″ cooking area along with modern upgrades. These include two independently controlled cooking zones, an all-new Digital Temperature Hub, and its most advanced gas fuel system. 

If you’re cooking for a large group then this gas-fueled oven comes to the rescue. It can bake two 12″ or three 10″ pizzas simultaneously or even a 20-inch New York-style pizza. Plus, an ample oven height lets your creativity kick in as it offers plenty of room for other culinary delights.

The Ooni Koda 2 Max works efficiently. It easily reaches a temperature of 950 °F/500 °C but ready to cook with in 30 minutes at 750 °F/400 °C. It cooks pizza in as little as 60 seconds and ensures even and precise heat distribution thanks to several helpful variables. 

These include the two independently controlled cooking zones that allow for side-by-side cooking at varied temperatures. This way, you can prepare a 60-second Neapolitan pizza on one side while searing steak on the other, or roasting vegetables. Then there’s also the advanced energy efficient Ooni G2 Gas Technology, which produces even heat across the oven for max ease of use and one-turn pizza cooking.  

The system delivers a unique tapered flame and works along two dedicated dials for precision temperature control. Lastly, the Ooni Koda 2 Max packs the all-new Digital Temperature Hub which helps to know when it’s time to cook. The hub offers readings from various spots throughout the oven and includes two temperature probes to check on roasting meats. This feature even offers remote temperature monitoring as you prep using a dedicated Bluetooth app.

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Images courtesy of Ooni