Chopsy is more than just your color-coded and labeled set of chopping boards. It comes with containers too to make meal preps efficient and fun.

Forget setting up plates and bowls of different sizes on the kitchen counter when preparing meals. This process can be time-consuming, confusing, and worse, messy. It crowds your kitchen space and thus, your mind.

Mark Thurgood designed Chopsy with 5 compact yet useful pods that attach to the base unit. You can easily slide off whatever your cutting on the board to its designed pod. Thus, removing the time it takes for you to grab a bowl or plate so you can concentrate on finishing the cutting process. You can put waste in either of the containers so you can throw them out altogether after. This saves you a trip to the bin in between the chopping.

This modular meal prep system also has 1-4 cutting boards in various colors and with unique side labels. Green with the carrot design etched on the label is for vegetables, blue with the fish design for fish or other seafood, and red with a cow image on the label for meat. The distinction helps prevent cross-contamination of different ingredients. There is even a slot to hold your tablet.

Chopsy is a kitchen gadget that saves time, makes meal prep organized, healthy, safe, and colorful. The pods seamlessly stack on top of each other for neat storage and are microwave and dishwasher safe. They also have optional vented lids. Both the pods and the chopping boards are made from durable, BPA-free, and food-grade polypropylene.

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Images courtesy of Chopsy