Among high-end wristwatches, the colors that regularly show up are gold, black, silver, and brown. Other tones might pop up every now and then but not as frequent as the aforementioned shades. Not many watchmakers can pull it off but the MB&F HM7 Aquapod manages to do so in awesome fashion. Aside from the stunning dial, the bright red sapphire crystal bezel and wristband are the stars of the show. This model also offers other configurations, but the scarlet version is the most mesmerizing among the bunch.

MB&F reveals that the inspiration for its exceptional design comes from the humble jellyfish. A 60-second flying tourbillon with a sapphire crystal brides sits dead center on the dial. The unique placement of its indices emulates the ripples that extend outward from the middle.

Unlike traditional watch complication that features rotating hands, the HM7 Aquapod uses a floating indicator on the 6 o’clock position instead. Meanwhile, the hours and minutes ride on two coaxial titanium discs that spin around as well. Furthermore, the Super-Luminova coating makes all of the details visible in low-light conditions.

The jelly-fish inspiration continues down to the case back were a titanium winding rotor resides. You have these metal tentacles the extend toward the middle and each one sports a contrasting satin and polished finish. Moreover, the thin strip of Super-Luminova paint separates each half of the tentacle. The MB&F HM7 Aquapod relies on an in-house automatic movement with a 72-hour power reserve. Lastly, both the top and bottom are protected by a sapphire crystal dome with anti-reflective coatings. Only 25 pieces of this exclusive timepiece are available.

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Images courtesy of MB&F