MAXOAK knows that the holiday season brings families together as they celebrate Christmas or the New Year. That during these times, it is always important to have all party needs taken care of e.g., food, drinks, lights, electricity, etc. That’s why MAXOAK wants you to be ready before any power outage ruins the holiday cheer. They have come up with an even bigger reason to enjoy the festivities with the new BLUETTI AC200P.

The BLUETTI AC200P takes inspiration from the success of its predecessor, the AC200. It comes packed with all the goodness found in the former. The difference is the built-in battery capacity. The AC200P has a whopping 2000Wh of power, which is more than enough to charge any big and small home appliances.

More Power, More Charges

This is a portable power station that packs 2000 watts of pure sine-wave AC inverter for a cleaner output and ideal for use with today’s modern tools. There are six AC outlets that can handle heavy jobs and power up big appliances. These include microwave ovens, window-type air conditioners, LED TVs, CPAP machines, heaters, refrigerators, induction cookers, and more. It can even charge electric vehicles.

In perspective, a 2000W battery can power up laptops 26 times, run a CPAP machine for 40 hours, and an air conditioner for over an hour. It takes 29 hours to keep a 7Cu freezer running and gives nearly an hour of use on an induction cooker and hairdryer.

Moreover, the BLUETTI AC200P comes with a LifePO4 battery cell. This means you’re guaranteed over 3500 cycle time before the capacity degrades to 80 percent.

Efficient Power Charging Station

The BLUETTI AC200P packs an amazing 17 charging options that allow simultaneous charging. Outside of the six AC outlets, you have two 12V ports (25A and 10A) one to power an RV and the other to light a cigarette. There are also two 12V/3A ports, a 60W USB-C power delivery (PD), and four USB-A ports.

The remaining two are for the 15W wireless pad ideal to use with Qi-enabled devices. This product even supports simultaneous charging and discharging.

Safe and Secure

MAXOAK takes pride in providing customers with a portable power station that is not only efficient but also safe. The BLUETTI AC200P, like with its predecessor, packs protection to keep it running smoothly. This way you get peace of mind from short circuits or power surges.

This device uses high-tech battery management systems that ensure a safe operation anytime and any day. It has protection for overheating, short-circuits, overvoltage, overcurrent, and more. The LCD touchscreen displays real-time power usage, voltage, and temperature, and charging status. This way you know when it’s time to fill it up with juice.

Moreover, a temperature-activated fan keeps the device cool when it reaches 45℃. This is another way to protect it from overheating.

Off-Grid Ready

As for refueling the BLUETTI AC200P, you have three options: solar, AC outlet, and car output. You can charge it via your car’s 24V/12V port although it’ll take roughly 10 hours, max 20 hours to get a full charge.

Meanwhile, it takes five hours for a full charge using one 400W AC adapter and three hours via a dual AC adapter. The fastest way is through the AC+PV (solar input 700W) which takes just 2.5 hours.

The BLUETTI AC200P is your off-grid power solution. It is solar-power ready with its built-in PV 700W/35-150V and an MPPT technology. Solar charging under this option takes about 3.5 hours for a full battery.

Compact, Quiet, and Eco-Friendly


The BLUETTI AC200P operates silently so you don’t wake up in your sleep when using a CPAP machine. It also does not disturb the neighbors during a power outage. Best of all, unlike gasoline-powered generators, this machine does not reek of gas.

As for its size, it is compact enough, at 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches, to place on your bedside table, carry in your car, or bring along in your outdoor adventure. It weighs 60.6 pounds and offers two side handlebars for convenience in carrying. Just like other premium power stations from MAXOAK, the BLUETTI AC200P is robust, stylish, modern, and worthy to flaunt about at home or the outdoors.

For a limited time offer, from Christmas to New Year’s Day only, MAXOAK is offering up to $250 OFF on their power stations. The BLUETTI EB240, with a 2400Wh battery capacity, now retails for $1649. That’s $250 OFF from its original price of $1899.99 and you can get it HERE. You also get $200 OFF when you purchase the BLUETTI AC200P before the holiday ends.

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