Discommon is no stranger when it comes to pushing the envelope in EDC design. When it comes to the humble bottle openers, the brand has produced two meticulously and uniquely designed hits with the first inspired by a bar of soap from a hotel room in Costa Rica. The next was modeled after luggage tags featuring leather and titanium. This time, Discommon looks to the sexy silhouette of supercars for inspiration on its Bottler Opener 3.0. 

More than a useful tool, the third iteration is quite frankly a piece of art. Looking at it top-down and it certainly resembles some of the most high-end racers like a Ferrari 458 Italia or Dallara Stradale with its equally curvaceous and sleek design. In Discommon’s own words, the opener features “an ultra sexy shape nodding to the hips and curves of the prettiest supercars.” 

The Bottle Opener 3.0 serves both as a functional tool and as a “micro piece of sculpture art” for your bar, kitchen countertop, or wherever else. Its glossy, sleek, and minimalist design will surely get people talking.  Of  course, aside from its beautiful looks, it also boasts ergonomics and an intuitive design, key aspects that Discommon cheekily balks about.

It is a breeze to use although it comes on the heavy side because of its construction. It is built out of die-cast zinc alloy,  which is cast and electroplated with hard chrome and then hand-polished. it is hefty enough that you can throw it “through a window” should you need to. 

Discommon’s Bottle Opener 3.0 may have a hard and durable chrome finish but it’s also not indestructible. It will develop some nicks and dings over time which should be embraced.

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Images courtesy of Discommon