As we continuously come up with creative ways to introduce even more modern technology into our homes, it won’t be long before everything serves more than just one purpose. Interestingly, companies are gradually incorporating useful features with common household goods to make our lives extra convenient. The Evelopper is a great example of what the future might hold.

Let’s face it, most of us barely organize our stuff unless we are neat freaks by nature. For example, our clothes begin to pile up on a chair or a laundry basket, accessories are just all over the place, and the rest that just adds up to the mess. Yujin Lee hopes to help us curb our bad habits with an intuitive concept.

The designer presents the Evelopper as an understated yet useful piece of contemporary furniture. In its current iteration, we have something that looks like a small cabinet or nightstand if positioned near your bed. Although it can practically function as such, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Details were not readily available as of this writing, but we get the gist of where this is going.

Ever since the pandemic, people have become wary of pathogens. Aside from proper hygiene practices, we make it a point to sanitize everything just to be on the safe side. The Evelopper becomes a storage solution for our accessories and clothing that goes the extra mile. Items within its confines are blasted with UV light to sterilize them before their next use.

A section of the top opens to reveal trays for your jewelry, eyewear, watches, and other smaller objects. We’re pretty sure smartphones would fit inside as well. Backlit touch controls are located toward the front of the Evelopper. Slide-out holders are found below, but it’s not clear how items are secured in place. We hope to learn more about this cool project if ever a prototype becomes available.

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Images courtesy of Yujin Lee