Guys are typically fascinated by tools. We have yet to meet someone who doesn’t. A handy item to have with you at all times is something with a sharp edge for cutting. Pocket knives are great for self-defense, handicrafts, and emergency scenarios when out in the wild. The G9 from PICHI DESIGN is a utility knife by definition, but versatile enough to become a trustworthy EDC blade.

Survivalists cannot stress enough the importance of a durable knife. When shopping for equipment that can save your life when in a pinch, quality and performance matter big time. The G9 is a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter with 718 backers pledging $77,754 with four days to go as of this writing.

This implies PICHI DESIGN already has a winner on their hands which is due to hit mass production soon. They also stated, “isn’t about settling for “good enough.” It’s about smashing expectations to be “unparalleled.” It’s our shout against the old ways, our craving for something new.”

True to their mission statement, the G9 may resemble a regular box cutting at first glance, but there’s more to this bad boy. Build quality is top-notch as it’s forged from grade 5 titanium with over 200 minutes of machining involved. The metal may feel light, but it’s impressively robust for various tasks.

It measures 3.14″ x 0.35″ x 0.62″ (L x D x W) and tips the scales at only 1.94 ounces. Aside from its simple yet stylish form factor, another cool selling point of the G9 is the “Three-Gear” system. A small lever engages the mechanism within the handle.

Depending on the setting, users can deploy, replace, or lock the blade. PICHI DESIGN plans to ship the G9 with a full-leather holster, a titanium U-ring, and the SK2 HC blade. The hinge can accommodate a lanyard or a carabiner as well.

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Images courtesy of PICHI DESIGN