After Ford gave in to the demands of its consumers, the automotive world geared up for the return of the Bronco. Since its announcement in 2020, there has been no shortage of hype surrounding the SUV. It seems we might need to wait a bit longer as its launch date moves from spring of 2021 to summer. Now, Maxlider Brothers Customs is teasing us with a 6×6 Midnite Edition conversion.

Of course, they will need to source a new Bronco first before any work begins. Hence, we won’t be seeing this beast on the trails or streets until 2022. After waiting this long for the regular model, what’s another year, right? After seeing what they’re capable of with the Midnite Edition, the 6×6 version should be in good hands.

Maxlider Brothers Customs are not the only joint that dabbles in 6×6 conversions. In fact, aftermarket shops and tuners like, Hennessey Performance have been building these machines regularly. Ford will only be offering multiple trims of the new Bronco in either two-door or four-door configurations.

From the images circulating online, it looks like this six-wheeler will also have a Midnite Edition. Now, this is what we are all about as it gives the already intimidating 6×6 Bronco even more style. The all-black theme receives a welcome contrast by the way of a gray stripe on the beltline. This starts from the rear and extends across the hood just below the windshield.

With the addition of another axle along with the pair of wheels, the 6×6 Bronco Midnite Edition will demand more power. As such, Maxlider Brothers Customs could choose to tune the powertrain or flat out go for an engine swap. Perhaps we will learn more after Ford ships the SUVs out to dealerships.

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Images courteys of Maxlider Brothers Customs