Looking for that familiar kick to jump-start your workouts? Then you have a bunch of options available right now. Some of the folks we know prefer to down a cup of java or perhaps a bottle of energy drink for that boost. However, studies show that caffeine intake should be just enough for optimal performance. Equally important is hydration and nutrition which your body needs to function properly. Maurten presents an all-in-one solution — the Drink Mix 320 CAF 100.

Most of us likely grab a sports drink on our way to the gym or bring one along during a run. Maurten actually offers two versions of this Hydrogel Sports Fuel formula. As the name denotes, the Drink Mix 320 CAF 100 delivers 100 mg of caffeine per serving. Its easier to identify because these come in white packaging.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to stay away from stimulant then its best to get the one in black instead. Unlike your typical sports drink, Maurten uses a special formulation that allows your body to quickly hydrate and absorb the essential nutrients it needs to get the job done. A sachet of Drink Mix 320 CAF 100 is 320 calories with 80 grams of carbohydrates and 250 mg of sodium.

After mixing the contents with 500 ml of water, you have a beverage with a “high concentration of carbohydrates and caffeine.” Another interesting aspect is that this liquid instantly turns into what they call a hydrogel once it reaches your stomach. This apparently helps our intestines draw out the water, salt, and carbohydrates. A box of Drink Mix 320 CAF 100 holds 14 servings.

Buy – $56.00

Images courtesy of Maurten