In this pandemic, wearing protective facial masks is now a norm. But there are times when we forget to bring one along especially when in a hurry. Thankfully, there are backup ones that stay close to you no matter where you go just like the Matador Keychain Mask.

This is not intended to replace medical-grade facial masks but serves its purpose during those “Oh no I forgot! moments. As its name implies, it is very portable, in keeping with the brand’s goal to create travel-friendly products. This mask comes with its own silicone keychain case to protect it when not in use. The case comes with a ring so you can attach it to your keychain, tether it to your bag or belt loop, wherever you choose. This way you always have it on hand whenever you need a backup mask.

The Matador Keychain Mask is thin and lightweight but good enough to provide protection. It comes in a pleated design and in a four-way stretch moisture-wicking fabric made from a combination of spandex and polyester so it dries up fast. It is a one-size-fits-most mask that sits comfortably on your face and covers the nose and chin nicely. The addition of soft elastic adjustable ear loops makes for a flexible fit so it can accommodate most adults.

Minimalist, sans any visible logo, this face mask fits with any fashion style. It comes in a gender-neutral color so it fits in well in any situation, whether you’re off to work, to a party, or just out for a quick errand run.

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Images courtesy of Matador