Going all-electric is surely a novel approach that a lot of carmakers have in the pipeline. To be honest, we are looking forward to seeing more electric vehicles (EVs) in the coming years. In contrast, oil companies will be doing everything they can to keep conventional transportation alive. Meanwhile, the Mandalaki Birò O2 made its debut at the Milan design week with a pleasant surprise.

What makes this all-electric city car so remarkable is the choice of materials for its construction. The manufacturer reveals that the O2 is even more eco-friendly than the original model from Estrima. It appears that 80-percent of this two-seat four-wheeler is fashioned out of recycled plastics. It’s a brilliant move to reuse waste that normally just ends in the ocean or landfills.

Just like other applications, the company takes the reusable plastic waste and turn it into powder. These are then molded into parts that make up the EV. Interested buyers don’t have to wait long to be able to drive one. The Mandalaki Birò O2 will be available sometime in July, which is great for those willing to make the switch. We just wish that big-name manufacturers would eventually apply the same concept to their vehicles.

Other than its ecological advantages, the Mandalaki Birò O2 will have no problems with parking. Its compact design is just enough to let you park in a space made for scooters. On the flipside, those who already own the regular Birò won’t see much difference. However, it’s an attractive option for eco-minded individuals.

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