If you’re into woodcraft or woodwork and rely a lot on chainsaws for the sawing or cutting part, then this mini chainsaw from Make It Extreme is for you. It is portable enough to lug around in your tool bag and doesn’t break your back in the process.

This chainsaw is best for pruning or cutting wood that is not relatively wide. It makes a great substitute for pruning shears as it can easily dislodge branches from trees even those that are quite thick. This heavy-duty machine is built from scratch using recycled car and motor parts.

Make It Extreme’s Mini Chainsaw utilized an old motor from an electric window of an old car and paired that with gear from an old tree cutting machine to create the chain movement. Then there’s the metallic plate to hold the other parts of the chain saw aside from the motor and gear. These include the protectors, bolts, teeth, and the switch to power on the device.

The final touch is the green and black paint color to give it a steampunk yet “zombie apocalypse” vibe. What you get is a compact yet sturdy cutting machine that you can operate with one hand. It definitely does not look like your typical chainsaw with its inner workings all laid out in the open for you to admire.

Regardless, Make It Extreme’s Mini Chainsaw can last for many uses. It is a great substitute for the axe or handsaw. You don’t have to exert a lot of effort when it comes to cutting plywood or make small batches of lumber.

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Images courtesy of Make It Extreme