Living in smaller homes is quickly catching on with people embracing minimalist lifestyles. As long as all the basic amenities are in place, it should be good enough. If you want to optimize the available space, many types of modular furniture are a clever alternative. Maybe something like the Cooking Box from Maiullari is the type of versatility your residence needs.

Normally, convertible fixtures require custom work. These days, even big-name manufacturers are getting in on the fun. Even with the growing demand, most of the available models focus on the living and sleeping areas of the house. Perhaps Maiullari knows it and opts to focus somewhere else.

The Cooking Box lives up to its namesake as it looks exactly like one, albeit more stylish, when not in use. Designed by Giovanni Pesce, the monobloc body measures 38.2 inches deep when close. When opened, the main section is thicker at 25.4 inches, while the other half is at 12.8 inches.

Other dimensions of the Cooking Box were not available as of this writing. One side is fixed to your kitchen wall as it needs to be hooked up to your plumbing and power outlet. Here you can find a sink, hob, oven, dishwasher, and fridge. Meanwhile, the lid smoothly swings open with the help of wheels and functions as the pantry.

There are shelves to hold bottles, condiments, and other meal preparation necessities. We can also see some drawers for even more storage. Maiullari points out that a folding table is included as well. The outer surface looks like concrete, but we’re guessing it’s also wooden like the interior. The Cooking Box may seem innovative, but it caters to a niche market.

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Images courtesy of Maiullari