Modern technology is already at the point wherein immersive experiences are now accessible to regular consumers. Virtual reality already enjoys a massive following thanks to entertainment applications. Augmented reality, on the other hand, tells a different story. Nonetheless, the announcement of the Magic Leap 2 reminds us that there is a market for AR headsets.

You can find the tech on almost any modern smartphone these days. However, we normally use this capability for exclusively for fun. Even the face filters on popular messaging apps support it. So far, Microsoft’s HoloLens is the platform of choice for big businesses. As for the Magic Leap 2, the manufacturer intends to market it a bit differently.

One of the biggest caveats of the HoloLens is its size. Its bulky profile comes from all the hardware Microsoft packs inside. This is where the Magic Leap 2 plans to outshine the competition. As early as now, the company claims their AR headset will be the industry’s slimmest and lightest.

If we can recall correctly, the original model bears an uncanny resemblance to Oakley’s OVERTHETOP shades. Thankfully, the second-generation design shows a more contemporary silhouette, albeit chunkier than a regular pair of glasses. Buyers can also expect upgraded optics, a better field of view, and what is supposedly an innovative dimming function.

Unlike VR headsets that are closed, the lenses are transparent so users can interact with their surroundings. Sensors track movement in 3D space much like in VR but also recognizes items and people. The Magic Leap 2 currently does not have a price and release date. So be sure to check with their website for updates.

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Images courtesy of Magic Leap