Shortly before Elon Musk started messing with the cryptocurrency market, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) grabbed headlines everywhere. It seems there is a growing interest in splurging insane amounts for these digital assets. As always, we can expect the tech industry to cater to whatever the trend is. Therefore, we have the Dissrup NFT Visualizer by Vini Naso and Love Hultén.

The latter might be a familiar name for many of you as the Swedish visionary behind some of the most fascinating gadgets we’ve seen. He usually dabbles with items that mix modern technology with vintage aesthetics to great effect. The Dissrup NFT Visualizer might come off as a strange device, but its retro design is striking.

Vini Naso, on the other hand, is another crucial piece in this collaboration. The Canadian 3D artist creates stunning images that are unlike anything else. His crucial contribution in this partnership is the digital artwork called I Miss You. Just like his other works, it depicts two figures hugging one another.

Of course, they are in his signature style. The way we see it, the Dissrup NFT Visualizer is a unique two-fold project that mixes digital with physical. Modeled to look like those classic computer monitors with two buttons and a dial knob.

Take note that these are not just for show. Users can toggle how the Dissrup NFT Visualizer displays the image. They can pause it, cycle through the frames, or just let it do its thing. Of course, Love Hultén is using Raspberry Pi modules as the backbone of this platform.

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Images courtesy of Dissrup