Love Hultén is fueling our desire for classic gaming with the release of another retro console. Meanwhile, first-party videogame companies are releasing official platforms for old-school gaming. Konami and SEGA are the most recent ones to join the fray with the TurboGrafx-16 Mini and Genesis Mini respectively. However, all of these pale in comparison to the artistic touch of the Swedish artisan. His newest custom console is the Love Hultén FC-PVM that has nostalgia written all over it.

For western gamers, the theme might be unfamiliar at first glance. This is understandable because it is a tribute to the Japanese version of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). In Japan, the console was called the Family Computer or Famicom for short.

First of all, let’s take a look at the rear of the FC-PVM to see the collection of ports for a classic interface. We’re guessing it’s for hooking it up to older television sets that use RF and RCA connectors. There’s also a bunch of other connectors, but information about those are not available at the moment. Finding an old TV that is compatible is a problem, but a built-in 9-inch Sony Trinitron PVM-9042QM display is available.

Instead of emulation, the Love Hultén FC-PVM uses genuine parts a Nintendo Famicom console. Meanwhile, the controllers are now wireless and conveniently slide and lock into special slots with a magnetic dust cover. Beneath the screen are two dials for volume and power, while the two buttons on each side of the cartridge slot are for power and reset. There’s even space on top to store up to 8 Famicom cartridges for portability. This is truly a gem of retro gaming we want to see in production.

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Images courtesy of Love Hultén