With almost everybody jumping on the hype surrounding cycling amid the pandemic, other urban mobility solutions are quickly losing their appeal. Perhaps what the manufacturers need is something new, unique, and maybe with a helping of quirkiness. A good example would be the Lopifit – a clever hybrid of an electric bicycle and a treadmill.

Come on! It’s too far into 2021 for this to be an April Fools’ Day joke. At first, we were skeptical ourselves, but this seems to be the real deal. For people who equally love to walk and cycle, this might be the perfect commercially available platform.

What looks like a stand-up scooter actually packs a different type of propulsion system. Taking the drive system used by electric bicycles, the Lopifit integrates a treadmill instead of pedals. Basically, you are still using your legs and feet to move it, but by walking.

Just like a non-motorized treadmill, your movements turn the wheels. Even at the pace of a leisurely stroll (3 miles per hour), the Lopifit can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. Except for the treadmill section, everything else resembles an average bicycle.

It packs a high-capacity LG battery unit to power the Bafang electric motor. A full charge boasts a range of 50 miles but will vary depending on how users drive it. We hope to see more sustainable approaches like this.

Disc brakes provide the stopping power you need just in case. We think it’s a cool way to get some exercise. Just note that aboard the Lopifit, you will draw the odd stare every now and then. Nevertheless, what matters is the fun experience.

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Images courtresy of Lopifit