Forget the matchsticks, disposable lighters, gas, and other firestarters when you go on your next outdoor or tailgate adventure. Instead, take the Looft Lighter X with you if you want a mess-free and quick set up to your campfire.

It takes seconds to fire up your grill with this portable device designed by a company that aims to make fire lighting easy. fast, and safe. It does away with using gas or lighter fluid to start a fire which can be toxic, dangerous, and worse, make your food smell of gas. Instead, it uses superheated air to start your fire in 60 seconds, whether you are heating up charcoal, logs, or briquettes.

The Looft Lighter X hits a max temperature of 1200°F ( 650°C) and works with a simple click of a button, after which you aim the tip to the charcoal for 60 seconds and watch the sparks appear as it starts to light up a fire. It’s a versatile outdoor gear that works well on a smoker, a Kamado, the fireplace, fire pit, pizza oven, or with a kettle grill.

This device ensures safety and saves power during inactivity. It automatically deactivates if it detects inactivity after ten seconds of pressing the power on button. Likewise, it comes with a detachable heat shield to keep you safe from accidental burns.

Best if all, the Looft Lighter X runs on a rechargeable 36V 2000mAh lithium-ion battery so you can use it many times. It consumes 72 watts per hour and takes two hours for a full charge that gives you ten times of lighting uses. This is a portable and compact device that weighs 3 pounds and measures 17″ l x 4″ w.

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Looft Lighter X Looft Lighter X Looft Lighter X Looft Lighter X

Looft Lighter X

Images courtesy of Looft