Canadian artist Steven Spazuk works in a very distinctive medium to create hyper-realistic, dream-like drawings. Called “The Fire Artist,” the man’s fumage technique utilizes fire to create the base for his artwork. The resultant chars are then retouched using such diverse tools as metal blades and bird feathers. His tool of choice when producing his artistic fire is a Zippo windproof lighter, and to celebrate this unusual painting tool, Zippo is releasing the Flame Art Soaring Sparrow Lighter ($37) featuring one of Spazuk’s exquisite fire drawings.

The depicted swallow is seen rising from the swirling clouds of inspiration from a Zippo lighter below to signify the artist’s creative spark. Limited to only 850 lighters distributed worldwide, the drawing is reproduced using the color image imprint method on a white matte finish.

Don’t forget though, that this piece of art is still a genuine Zippo, meaning you’ll get a lighter for life with all-metal construction, a windproof design that works virtually anywhere, and of course that distinctive Zippo “click”. See Spazuk’s superb art in the video below