A few years back, Logitech presented a unique solution for those who suffer from wrist pain when using a mouse. The MX Vertical was an innovative and ergonomic accessory that kept the user’s hand in a relaxed position. Now, the manufacturer is bringing back a classic pointing device which should be nostalgic for some of us. This is the Ergo M575 wireless trackball, which is a great alternative from traditional mice.

You see, unlike your typical mouse, the cursor can be controlled using your thumb and fingers only. This is ideal for folks who don’t have a lot of space on their desks to move around. Keeping up with modern tech, The Ergo M575 ditches the wires and goes fully cordless. This means you can pair it with compatible devices via the wireless dongle or via Bluetooth.

Logitech is known for the exceptional quality of their products, which they credit to Swiss engineering at its finest. In fact, they’re rating the buttons on the Ergo M575 for more than 3 million clicks. Another cool fact about this wireless trackball is its construction. In order to keep waste to a minimum, the device uses 21% to 50% recycled plastic. In fact, many companies are likewise aiming for sustainability.

The Logitech Ergo M575 runs on a single AA battery but should remain operational for up to 24 months. Although there are wireless touchpads out there, a trackball offers a more tactile feel, which others might want. Despite the analog interface, the sensors behind it are optical. We love how its shape allows our hands to rest at a comfortable angle. It retails for $49.99 and is available in two colors: Off-White and Black.

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Images courtesy of Logitech