The LOEVA Le StandUp is no ordinary paddleboard. Elegant and stylish, this board lets you marvel at the beauty of the waters below your feet.

If you want to see what you are actually paddling on when you hit the waters then this board is for you. It combines “high technology, elegant design, and state-of-the-art craftsmanship” that enhances your stand-up paddleboard experience.

The LOEVA Le StandUp board boasts an ultra-transparent frame that immerses you in the beauty of the waters. It gives you a crystal clear view of the aquatic flora and fauna. Thus, it makes you an integral part of the ocean, rivers, or lakes.

This revolutionary creation “opens a window to the ocean” through the use of a nano-structured, innovative, and patented material” that is unalterable and provides high-impact resistance. Guaranteed durable from front to rear, this board only uses high-quality materials. The leash plug, the handle, and the fin box use marine anodized aluminum.

The fin takes inspiration from dolphin fins. The fin twists and then turns to its natural position with each stroke. This movement results in twice the propulsion power, 1.5x more speed, and 2N buoyant force. Meanwhile, aeronautical carbon structure provides the board with its high-performance quality and lightness. Not to mention its elegance and sleek silhouette.

The OEVA Le StandUp is for day and night paddleboarding experience. A double row of LED lights under the board provides illumination in the dark. It lights up the seabed at night with a halo of light that has a range of 15 meters. The lighting system runs for three hours.

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Images courtesy of OEVA