Beau Lake Paddleboards are more than just for recreational and waterside sports purposes. They are works of art that represent cottage living.

Paul Lavoie and Lee Kline, co-founders of the Beau Lake brand, designed the boards with the concept of classic cottage life in mind. They wanted to replace the sporty paddleboards and create luxury vintage ones that revisit cottage living in the 1950s. They wanted their boards to provide a sense of nostalgia on those quiet times at the lake.

Thus, they incorporated natural elements and elegant finishes to create paddleboards that are well-crafted to stylish perfection. Wood, fiberglass, and metal are intricately blended together to create a stunning, high-performance, and quality board that pulls in the eye, so much so, that customers buy it simply as a wall art.

Each paddleboard is unique to its owner. They bear the name of a lake in Canada, which has the most number of lakes in any other countries in the world. The board also has a custom monogram.

The Beau Lake Paddleboards are made with the preservation of Mother Nature in mind. Thus, the materials pay respect to the earth. It uses wood that does not kill the rainforest, including the black locust. The finishes also do not contain volatile organic compounds that have a tendency to leach out into the water. All these are done to preserve the peace of human nature.

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Photos Courtesy of Beau Lake