Exod’s new rugged inflatable outdoor shelter, the Air Station POD-01, is more like a tiny living room than a traditional tent. It is very spacious it can sleep four people yet built light for portability and easy set up.

This tent boasts a revolutionary inflatable skeleton that uses the cutting-edge technologies of kite-surf wings. This choice is strategic as kite-surf wings are known for their robustness and effectiveness in the most extreme conditions. They can withstand violent wind storms, constant exposure to abrasive elements like sand and saltwater, and against intense impacts.

As such, Exod’s Air Station POD-01 is extremely sturdy yet flexible and lightweight at 8.5kg. It folds down easily for compact storage once deflated. But when inflated, it becomes incredibly rigid and hard at just a pressure of 0.5 bar (7PSI) using its included hand pump. It takes only five minutes to transform any location in the outdoors into your personal sanctuary and the same amount of time for pack up.

When it’s time for a shut-eye, this capsule offers more than enough leg and head room with 4.2m² of floor space. Its walls, made of 70D polyester ripstop PU membrane 1200mm, lift up to offer a 360-degree panoramic view of the surroundings. This way, you can fully immerse with nature while in the safety of the tent. 

Exod’s Air Station POD-01 offers multiple hanging and storage solutions to keep your items organized. There’s the “Wall Organizer” included in the pack which lets you suspend your gear on the air frame (made of HT Dacron + TPU 80 Microns) to free up the floor space. Its spacious interior means you can set up multiple sleeping areas inside for a group, or for a single person, both a bed and a living room/cooking space. 

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Images courtesy of Exod